about this site

The point of this account is to help me put all my mental health resources in one place, and at the same time to share with others what I find helpful in managing my mental health. I think it’s important to point out that almost everything I write or promote on this site are things that are helpful to me. They may not be helpful to you, but I hope they are.

I have received treatment in the past for anxiety, and like many people, have also had low spells and moods. My treatment has involved medication, counselling and a lot of CBT based self-help. The main types of anxiety that I have suffered from, and still do, is social anxiety and generalised anxiety.


6 Responses to about this site

  1. charlottea1993 says:

    Brilliant WordPress site! Keep up the work 🙂 You’ve helped a lot more people than you realise x

    Liked by 3 people

  2. MEN HEAL says:

    Wonderful work. It’s great that you’re creating some really useful mental health resources.

    Just followed you on Twitter too. I run MEN HEAL, a MENtal HEALth organisation for men. I campaign about mental health too which effects almost everyone. It’s great to touch base with you and your work.

    Mike Youell
    (Found of MEN HEAL)

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  3. generalgrace says:

    Thanks very much for following back and I think your posts are great!

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